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. Interestingly enough, HHH decided to book a decent wrestling match, though he might’ve beat up on Batista longer than the crowd had wanted him to. Batista is an interesting character in that he has this cool persona with his huge ripped up physique, but wrestling long matches is definitely not his forte. And here, since it was the Wrestlemania main event, HHH made sure we saw an actual wrestling match, rather than Batista running over him like much of the crowd probably wanted. Batista sold for much of the match before winning with the Demon Bomb.
A new generation was born as John Cena and Batista were the new champions at the end of the show, and while Vince gave us some old legends to remember, he also gave us two new stars to look forward to. Whether or not you’re going to remember Cena and Batista in the same light as Hogan, Austin, and Piper is the