Kate Winslet Is Hot Now pic

So I was always a fan of Kate Winslet, but not in the kind of way that I have seen more than 2 of her movies. More so in the way that it was nice she didn't have a god awful coronation street british accent, but a much more posh one like that of Queen, or Posh.

With someone who lets just say has time on their hands, I made an effort to see every movie nominated for an Oscar, with the exception of Frozen River and The Visitor. But lets be honest, not even the Academy saw those two. First I was blown away by Revolutionary Road. Unfortunately it didn't achieve the success and gratitude it deserved, mostly because it made middle aged people hate their lives and what they have become. I personally found it great, but then again I am young enough not to be considered a total failure. After Revolutionary Road, I thought it couldn't get better. I thought Winslet had it in the bag.

But I was wrong. SOOOO WRONG. I watched The Reader. This movie is now officially in the top movies of my life. EVER. People complain how it glorifies Nazi actions in the 2nd world war, or that it is meant to provoke sorrow for our treatment of them in war tribunals. If your are focusing on this aspect of the movie, it is way over your head and you are so of base.

The Reader is about a 2 month long affair between an adult and a 15 year old boy. It tells the story of how this 8 week period changed and defined that young boys life forever. There is even more to this story. Winslet's character so ashamed of her illiteracy chooses to admit to the murders of hundreds of people and spend a lifetime in jail. The movie is not about the Holocaust per se, as Winslet character was illiterate and couldn't