The REAL Ronaldo pic

Right, this blog is more of a debate thing, in reality there are two Ronaldos, there's the Brazillian superstar (I believe that's an understatement) and there's the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo who has quickly gone up the ranks and picked up a minimum of 22 individual awards including FIFA World Player of the year. Other awards were won during international & club level. However the other Ronaldo (R9 or as I like to say The REAL Ronaldo) has picked up a minimum of about 39 individual awards, including the same as Cristiano Ronaldo got but The REAL Ronaldo had won it 3 times before even reaching his prime. Infact he has won an award this year at club level, even though he's been injury prone! He was voted best player this year in his league.

Anyways, it's pretty clear to me that the Brazillian is much better than the Portuguese, it's not that I'm a Chelsea fan and that I hate Cristiano Ronaldo because in all honesty he is a very good player but there's nothing new with him to be honest, for me it's just his pace, step overs & looks that gets everyones attention, he has good free kicks as well but the REAL Ronaldo never stops, his skill is unbelieveable, there's no one else like him in the footballing world, there's people who could possibly end up like him, for example Pato is looking a lot like Ronaldo! There's just no stopping the Brazillian, he has more pace, his stepovers are more damaging as well, I've even seen him do skills that I've never seen before...just an overall amazing striker. If you don't believe me, go to Youtube and see for yourself!!!


Football, Football, Football! It is my number one passion! So i can't help but blog about it! Right let m make it clear I'm a Chelsea fan whether you like it or not! Do not call me a glory hunter because if i was i wouldn't be a fan of them after the 3 years just gone!! Anyways - I'm extremely proud of our performance on Sunday October 4th 2009, we fought so hard and it made up for our two previous performances against Wigan in which we lost 3-1 and our champions league fixture against Apoel Nicosia, though we won 1-0, it was a poor performance!

Now we are top of the table, yes it's only been 8 games but we've started extremely well considering our constant change in managers since Jose Mourinho! How ever I have the most faith ever in my team, I love our performances this season, it's the first time in a while I've been on the edge of my seat, we have been fighting hard not just settling for a scrappy 1-0 win!

I don't know about you but I think football was losing it's edge until now, it's finally getting some excitement, with both Chelsea & Arsenal in top form, the best form they've been in for a while! It's going to be tough for United to win the fourth title in a row, I'm hoping they don't win it though haha!