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Now that Chelsea can't win the Champions League or English Premier League, the FA Cup is all Jose Mourinho and the boys have left. The good news for Chelsea is Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben are back from injury. Man U, on the other hand, will be without Gary Neville and Louis Saha. Still, Chelsea looks very un-Chelsea-like this season, and I think the Blues are too rattled right now by distractions and confidence-issues. Prediction: Manchester United 2-1 (Predictions record: 4-11).

CristianoPICTURE THIS (left):

CRISTIANO: "Hey, bro, remember when you used to hate me?"

WAYNE: "Yeaaah...used to..."

SE HABLA FUTBOL: "Cuauhtemoc is a good player, I think he made the difference. And besides being a great soccer player, he controls games -- there's no doubt about it. The officials are scared and every time he falls they call a foul." -- Atlas manager Ruben Omar Romano on a penalty kick that was awarded to Blanco in America's 4-1 win over Atlas in the Mexican league playoffs.

RESPECT: To shed light on the low wages paid to nurses, over 250 Premier League players are donating a day's paycheck to the hardship for nurses fund.